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Large Wave Flume (GWK)

The Large Wave Flume (GWK) is the most important facility for basic and applied research on Coastal Engineering phenomena at the Forschungszentrum Küste (FZK). Water waves up to a height of 2.00 m under quasi-prototype conditions can be simulated in the 307 m long, 7.00 m deep and 5.00 m wide flume. The waves are generated regularly and irregularly (natural spectra). The installed power of the piston type wave generator combined with an upper flap is about 900 kW. The gearwheel driven carrier gives a maximum stroke of ± 2.10 m to the wave paddle. The stroke can be superimposed by upper flap movements of ± 10 degree in order to simulate natural water wave kinematics most accurately. A large cylinder integrated in the carrier compensates the water force in front of the paddle (rear is free of water).

The wave generation is controlled by an online absorption system. This special system works with all kinds of regular and irregular wave trains. Thus, the tests are unaffected by re-reflections at the wave generator and can be carried out over nearly unlimited duration.The wavemaker also allows the generation of freak waves breaking at a predetermined point of the flume. For tests under small-scale conditions wave basins and wave flumes are available in the participating partner institutes for hydraulics.