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Single Beam Echosounder

The PA500 is a sonar ranging device which is used in the GWK for precision measurements of the depth above the sea bed (e.g. for scour depth measurements) or for subsea distance and wave height measurements

The altimeter can be configured to operate on its own or under control from an external unit and has a 6 pin connector allowing both analogue output and serial communications to be available simultaneously.

The altimeter data is transmitted via an underwater connector to a processor or data display unit.

Type / Model

Tritech PA 500/6-PS                   

Measured variable

Bathymetrie and distance measurements

Operating range

0,3 - 50 m; 0,1 - 10 m


6° Conical

Sampling rate range

500 kHz


Digital & Analogue (o - 5 VDC or 4 - 20 mA)


Length: 160mm; Ø 47 mm



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