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Force Transducer

For the measurement of wave induced forces on structures, force transducers are used in the GWK. The transducers are suitable for the measurement of pressure forces, as well as drag forces by elastic deformation.

The GWK is equipped with force transducers of measurement ranges from 0.5 to 200 kN. According to the generated forces, the transducers with matching measuring ranges will be deployed to achieve accurate results.

The shallow height of the transducers allows for applications where there is limited height space.

Additionally, strain gauges are used for the examination of hydrodynamic forces.

Type / Model

 HBM Force Transducer                            

Measured variable

Force in [kN]

Range of measurement

0,5 – 200 kN

Accuracy of measurement

± 0,1 %


Analogue (Voltage)


Ø 50 – 115 mm; Height: 30 – 60 mm (dependent on measuring range)



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