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Displacement Probe

Displacement probes are used in the GWK for the measurement of movements of structures (e.g. Caisson-type breakwaters) under wave loads.

The type of displacement probes used are inductive standard displacement transducers, which are specifically suited for the deployment under laboratory circumstances due to their good mechanical and thermal stability, their acceleration resistance and their relative insensitivity to pollution.

Furthermore the counteracting load effects are negligible, thus ensuring exact measurements.

Type / Model

HBM-Displacement Transducer Plunger WA200                            

Measured variable

Change of length in [mm]

Range of measurement

0 - 200 mm

Nominal Sensitivity

± 80 mV/V

Accuracy of measurement

Characteristic tolerance ± 1%; Linearity deviation ± 0.2

Input resistance

350 Ω ±10%

Output resistance

680  Ω ±10%


Analogue, user selectable: 10 mV/V, 80 mV/V, 0.5–10 V





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