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Nortek 3D Vector

The Vector is an integrated 3D current meter designed for use in the ocean. The core of the Vector is an acoustic Doppler velocimeter, used to achieve accurate and nonintrusive velocity data at rates as high as 64 Hz. The system comes standard with compass, tilt, pressure, and temperature sensors and it can be used both in self-contained and online mode.

The system is commonly used for studies of surf-zone dynamics, turbulence studies or combined wave and current monitoring. The Vector can be configured to sample the high-resolution pressure sensor and the three velocity components at a rapid rate in user specified burst intervals. This type of data, known as wave triplet data, can be used to calculate the wave height, period, and direction.

In most cases, the Vector is deployed as a selfcontained instrument with internal recorder, or operated from an on-line PC. It can also be operated from any third-party controller using RS 232 or RS 422 communication. For integration with other data acquisition systems the three analog outputs (one for each velocity component or two velocity components and pressure) can be used.

Type / Model

Nortek 3D Vector                             

Measured variable

3 velocity components of current velocity[m/s]

Range of measurement

±0.01, 0.1, 0.3, 2, 4, 7 m/s (software selectable)

Accuracy of measurement

±0.5% of measured value ±1 mm/s

Sampling rate range

1 to 64 Hz


Digital: RS 232 or RS 422. Analog: 3 channels, 0–5 V, scaling is user selectable


Ø 75 mm, Length: 500 mm


Vector Win32® software, ActiveX® function

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