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NSW 2D Current Meter

The NSW current meter is a 2D-component current sensor, which is based on induction principle (Faraday's law).

A magnetic field is generated vertical to the gauge head (Ellipsoid). By a current with the velocity V a voltage U is induced between vertical fixed electrodes on the surface of the gauge head. Using the two electrodes, which are arranged vertically to each other, allows measurement of the current components (x- and y-directions) in the level of the measuring head.

The NSW current meter is robust and stable and very easy to assemble. A conversion system is used for the data transmission to a PC-XT or to an AT-compatible computer.

Type / Model

2D NSW                                        

Measured variable


Range of measurement

± 2.5 m/s, (x- and y-direction)

Accuracy of measurement

Estimated accuracy of ± 4 % from full range = about ± 10 cm/s

Sampling rate range

Depending on the A/D-Data acquisition, up to 20 Hz, but analogue filter by 3 Hz recommended


Analogue (Voltage)