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MiniAir2 - Multiprobe-Anemometer

The vane anemometer MiniAir2 measures the velocity of gaseous or liquid media and temperature. In anemometry, the accuracy achieved by a vane anemometer is acknowledged to be unmatched. The vane rotation is closely linear to flow velocity and is unaffected by pressure, temperature, density and humidity.

The system is commonly used together with the Water Probe MiniWater6 Micro in the GWK. The form of the measuring head guarantees a high direction insensitivity which is approx. ca +/- 20° for Micro head.

The compact and robust construction guarantees a reliable measuring unit and the measuring head is easily replaceable in case of maintenance or control measurements.

Type / Model

MiniAir2 with Water Probe MiniWater6 Micro                   

Measured variable

Current velocity in [m/s]

Range of measurement

10 m/s

Accuracy of measurement

± 2 % FS / ± 3,5 % RDG

Sampling rate range

2 Hz


Analogue (Voltage 0 – 1,0 V)


Head dimension: Ø 11x 15 mm; Length of probe: 165 mm



Further Information

Datasheet (MiniAir2)  , Datasheet (MiniWater6 Micro)