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3D Laser scanner

The FARO Laser scanner is used in the GWK to survey profiles and to assess profile changes before and after a test. When the water is drained, bottom profiles can be obtained continuous, contact-free and in high 3D resolution.

The emitted laser beam is reflected from the bottom or an object. The phase shift between emitted and received beam allows to compute the distance of the object from the laser head to milimetre accuracy. Mirrors and a rotating head are used to enable a quasi-all-round image.

Type / Model

FARO FOCUS 3D                           

Measured variable

3D spatial dimensions in [m]

Range of measurement

0.6m - 120m

Distance error

± 2 mm

Max. Swath Angle

305° (vert.) x 360° (hor.)

Sampling rate

976 kHz




See Datasheet



Further information

Datasheet (in German)