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Research areas

The scientific focus at FZK is traditionally coastal based. Numerous projects addressed different types of wave breakers and their response to natural a sea state. Equally, did the investigation of dikes and revetments play an important role. Here different configurations with respect to pressure, run up and overtopping or the hydrodynamic forcing on the dike core have been investigated. Moreover, the use of geotextile, e.g. a sand containers for dune stabilisation or scour protection, instead of classic methods of coastal protection have been tested and valued.

These examples provided fundamental insight in existing processes, but were mainly focused on applied research. Furthermore, FZK did carry out true fundamental research, for instance when investigating the mechanisms of sediment transport under waves. The gained knowledge helps to better understand erosion along the coast and to predict scour around coastal strucures.

Over the past years, offshore activities have received increasing attention, particularly wind energy and other ways to harness energy offshore. Consequently, many projects in the recent years have addressed the effect of waves and sea state on offshore wind energy structures where forces and required dimensions as well as scour around the foundation has been in the focus of research.

Today, FZK has four main research pillars, which are described in more detail in the following pages. You will find impressions in moving pictures also on the FZK youtube channel.