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Neue Veröffentlichung über schwimmende Inseln zur Wellendämpfung

New publication about floating islands for wave dampening

© LuFI, 2022

The concept of floating vegetation-based islands for bioremediation of aquatic ecosystems is well known. Less well known are their hydrodynamic capabilities in terms of damping behavior, positional stability and water-structure interactions. To this end, physical model testing of reed-based all-organic gabions in a full-scale facility was performed in this study, demonstrating:

  • Artificial floating islands used for bioremediation of aquatic ecosystems can also dampen waves.
  • Transmission, reflection and dissipation coefficients as well as the movement behavior are determined in experiments with a large model scale.
  • The results show that the artificial floating islands significantly attenuate shorter waves (T ≤ 2.25 s).
  • The width of the structure is identified as a key parameter for the damping behavior.

To the article:

Jannis Landmann, Tim C. Hammer, Henning Günther, Arndt Hildebrandt, Large-scale investigation of wave dampening characteristics of organic, artificial floating islands, Ecological Engineering, Volume 181, 2022, 106691, ISSN 0925-8574,