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Neuer Salzwasser-Wellen-Strömungskanal entsteht am LWI

New saltwater-wave-current-flume is being built at LWI

© LWI/TU Braunschweig

A new large saltwater-wave-current-flume is currently being built at the LWI for around 6 million euros as part of the EnviSim4Mare project. After completion, it will be possible to generate wave heights of up to 80 centimeters and currents of around 12,000 m³/h in the approximately 30 meter long, 3 meter wide and 2.50 meter deep flume. The flume is designed for saline water with up to 3 %, which is mixed in a water treatment plant from fresh water and brine. This allows the aquatic conditions on the open sea to be optimally simulated under controlled laboratory conditions in order to investigate how the growth of mussels, algae and other sea creatures influences the load-bearing capacity of offshore wind turbines and other maritime structures.

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