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Projekt CoastalFutures zur Untersuchung der nachhaltigen Nutzung von Meer und Küsten gestartet

Project CoastalFutures to study the sustainable use of sea and coasts has started

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DAM research mission “Protection and Sustainable Use of Marine Areas“ picks up speed

The research mission "Protection and Sustainable Use of Marine Areas" of the German Marine Research Alliance (DAM) examines the effects of use and protection concepts for sea and coast. With around 25 million Euros over an initial period of three years, the Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF) is funding a total of two pilot projects and five joint projects as part of the mission, with the goal to analyze and classify the use of and impact on marine systems in order to create a scientifically sound decision basis for policy, authorities and business.

CoastalFutures - "Future scenarios to promote sustainable use of marine areas", in which FZK is significantly involved with the Ludwig-Franzius-Institute and the Leichtweiß-Institute, is one of the five joint projects and is funded with a total of 5.5 million Euros. Coordinated by Hereon, ten project partners and five associated partners will work over the next three years to develop a cross-scale model system for the North Sea and Baltic Sea and their coastal areas. This creates a virtual environment in which the effects of climate and human use on ecosystems can be examined and sustainable protection concepts can be tested.

CoastalFutures focuses on four management sectors: offshore energy production, fisheries, coastal protection/sand management, and nutrient and pollutant inputs. In addition to modeling based on climate change scenarios, weather data and data on food webs in the oceans and on the sea floor, field research is carried out to close critical knowledge gaps. In addition to natural science, also social and political aspects are considered in the project.

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