The new features of GWK+

New wave maker

© Bosch-Rexroth

Parameters of the new wave maker:

  • 7 m high piston type dry-back wave board
  • Compensation of hydrostatic pressure through air pressure
  • Rack and pinion drive with 8 electric servomotors
  • Maximum stroke: ca. 7.5 m
  • Maximum wave height: ca. 3 m
  • Active absorption of reflected waves


New current generation system

The current generation system consists of 2 inlet and outlet structures at a distance of 152m. The flow is directed into the flume through an opening at the bottom. The flow profile can be optimized with individually controllable guiding vanes in the openings. The two inlet/outlet structures are connected by 2 pipelines, each with an internal diameter of 2 m, and a central underground pump house. The pumps enable a maximum flow of 20 m³/s, which corresponds to an average flow speed of 0.8 m/s at a water depth of 5 m. Any hydrograph can be controlled. In addition to the current, the channel filling and emptying can be controlled simultaneously in order to be able to simulate realistic tidal cycles.



The new deep part is located in the middle between the inlet and outlet structure. The floor is lowered by 2 m over the entire width of the canal and over a length of 28 m. A short area of ​​8 m is lowered another 4 m, so that maximum bedding depths of ca. 6 m are possible there. If a flat solid floor is required, the two areas can be covered separately with concrete slabs.